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a few things you can notice in 2 seconds :

There is a huge refugee crisis.

many of the hot spot are completely overrun, most of them are still alive because citizens initiative to help refugees, sometimes against their own State orders.

another fact is how the far-right, neonazis are using the refugee crisis to infect all the information landscape with fake information, disinformation, propaganda and blatant xenophobic, racist, fundamentalist rants.

This “Refugee Crisis” is not a crisis. it’s the effect of past foreign policies. it’s the result of decades of wrong policies toward many countries in the region now at the brink of collapse for supporting millions of refugees on their soil.

This is not going to be solved by militarizing the borders, fences, walls and use of drones to monitor borders OR by targeting smugglers boats. smugglers are just a reaction.

a reaction to the fact there is still no safe route to land to Europe if you are fleeing wars and misery.

this is not going to be solved until we realize our refugee crisis have a direct relation to wars abroad, even in the name of “freedom” or under the blessing of the “coalition”.

There is only one way to restore things : STOP the Wars!

stabilize the country with more then neoliberal capitalist policies to buy resources profiting only the elites or people’s ruled by another dictatorship.

until we don’t realize our weapons, our advanced military technology is being used to target civilian populations in the war against the monster our foreign policy created, this will have no end in sight.

and the more this will endure, the more people in Europe will turn to Fascist policies to “protect” their little traditions and culture with no regards to the distress and needs of refugees we, ourselves helped created by supporting non-sense policies against a series of countries since 2001.

it is time to stop, think and act because the current French “solution” is just going to create more meddling, more wars, more tensions and more destabilization.

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