Many are pushing for a safe route to be created for “legal” asylum claims and everyday people running away from wars, violence and the “war on terror” launched by western coalitions all around the world.

for exemple :

it instantly made me think about “Wang” from Pierre Bordage, a French SF writer.
the story revolve around western countries, mostly US, Europe, Japan managed to create a magnetic fence around the western “civilised” world. it’s the ultimate border. nobody gets either IN or Out.

after decades of wars and conflicts, the (northern emisphere) world is finally at peace. it managed to channel the rivalry between nations and supra-nations to some kind of strategy real-life game reality show, where nations instead of going to war, compete in a virtual arena, a bit like Unreal or other games, they compete against each other the goal is to win the “olympic games” of War strategy every 4 years.

so every 4 years, the “civilised” needs their real game, with real blood, real people.

They connect to their player of choice with some virtual reality accesories and by this mean are able to feel everything the real-life player is actually experimenting, fear, anger, joy or even death.

where do they pick up these real people for the ultimate final of the game ? you guess it right, in the outter ring, beyond the magnetic border, where chaos, mafia and clans control everything, from food, water, shelter.

Every 4 years, the people beyond the magnetic border can get in, without really knowing why they got allowed to get in, just to discover that their life, will be used to entertain millions of peaceful civilised westerners.

Wang Pierre Bordage

That’s what Europe is doing with Migrants today, even if the magnetic border is not (yet) a reality.

Europe is militarizing the surveillance of migration flows.

Europe is going to look for “safe routes” for migrants, but by doing so risk of creating a selection migration system, where only people that have something to be exploited will be able to get in, the others will be thrown away, back to where they came from.

Europe is in denial to the reasons of the mass migration flows, it’s like we do everything to forget our little coalitions interference in the whole middle-east region, ignoring that our very own military games are more responsible for migrants flows then smugglers or human traficking.

Europe is acting like if “we are invaded” by migrants, without ever thinking about our own colonisation in Africa and other parts of the world, that until this day are leaving profound marks in their society, without speaking of racialising some of these countries and the genocide that came after. without realizing that we, Europe, use these countries to harvest precious minerals for the top of the notch technology sold across the continent, without thinking of the inequality that we help create and maintain in Africa and other places that we exploit for Oil, Gas, or any other resouces that we need.

We are trans-colonialist. we may call it “free market” – we may take years to prove that the consumption and creation of goods, actually enrich the poors of Africa or Asia, but in the end, the system we support is just creating even more inequality, tensions and problems. but who cares ? we’re in Europe, behind our magnetic border fence (need some repair in Calais, Melila and a few other hot spot) but basically the border of Fortress Europe is already in place, it’s just not magnetic yet.

the question is, is this really the only road ? is this what a globalized world look like ?
does anyone know where are going with this type of thinking ?

are these the values of Europe ?

that’s for sure! and if we are not able to change course, there is no reason to be Europe.

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